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Join Our Dynamic Team of Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists (OTs) treat ITS clients who have disabilities with special equipment and therapeutic activities to help them improve and develop the skills needed for day to day life. ITS Occupational Therapists work with children and adults, and work closely with a team of other clinical professionals including ABA.

Characteristics: An Island Therapy Solutions OT must possess:

OTs must comply with all territorial healthcare regulatory requirements. They should have excellent interpersonal communication skills and have the ability to care for clients with different personalities, behaviors and disabilities. They should be comfortable using a computer for various tasks.

Supervision: The Island Therapy Solutions CEO, or designee, will supervise the Occupational Therapist.


1. Maintain a caseload of clients.

2. Review clients’ medical history and conduct physical and psychological assessments of clients and develop or follow existing treatment plans.

3. Develop treatment plans for clients with specific goals and tasks that will help them meet those goals.

4. Demonstrate exercises that can help clients better perform everyday tasks and relieve pain.

5. Advise on and teach clients how to use adaptive equipment when necessary to help clients with daily activities.

6. Educate caregivers and family members of clients on patient care.

7. Evaluate results and progress of occupational therapy on clients.

8. When applicable, assess home, school or other community environments to ensure clients’ needs are met.

9. Maintain professional knowledge and the technical progress in order to provide clients with the best treatment program available.

10. Comply with federal and territorial certification and credentialing requirements.

11. Work with a multi-disciplinary team including social workers, counselors and ABA therapists.

12. Perform administrative tasks such as keeping records, writing reports, billing insurance and communicating with families.

13. Other duties as assigned.